Symptoms of dysbacteriosis

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Intestinal dysbacteriosis in adults is an imbalance in its microflora when beneficial microorganisms die for some reason, and their place is occupied by pathogens, which affects both the state of the digestive system and the general condition of the organism, with a number of unpleasant symptoms.

What happens when adults have dysbacteriosis?

Without microorganisms, the digestive system can not function normally. Moreover, the shortage of bacteria that contribute to digestion of food leads to a variety of diseases.

When dysbiosis in adults poorly absorbed vitamins and trace elements. As a result, metabolism worsens, immunity weakens and, as a consequence, chronic chronic diseases are exacerbated. There are other signs of dysbiosis in adults.

In addition, when signs of dysbiosis in adults weaken the intestinal function of the intestine, it facilitates the penetration into the blood of toxins, intestines begin rotting processes that provoke additional intoxication.

As a result, other internal organs are affected:

Symptoms of dysbacteriosis
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