Symptoms and treatment of irritable bowel syndrome

Signs And Symptoms Of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Irritable bowel syndrome, as experts in the field of medicine say, is a functional disorder that manifests itself in long and frequent (during a year not less than 12 weeks) abdominal pain, which significantly decreases or passes after defecation.

In this case, intestinal diseases are observed: pain in the region of the abdomen and hypochondria, which intensify in the morning and calm down after emptying of the intestine. Also, IBS is characterized by constipation (emptying less than 3 times a week), diarrhea (emptying more than 3 times during the day, and sudden unresponsive aspirations to release the intestine). Patients often describe the condition of incomplete emptying, the need for tension, flatulence, a sense of abdominal dislocation and the presence of mucus in the stool.

In order to detect the causes of IBD diseases, the medications carry out a comprehensive examination: a general blood test, blood biochemistry, with mandatory determination of electrolytes and protein spectrum, and a threefold study of feces on the intestinal group of infections. They also investigate the presence of worms and other parasites in the body. A separate study of feces on dysbiosis, immunogram, determination of thyroid hormones level is carried out. In some cases, FGDS, irrigoscopy, colonoscopy with biopsy, ultrasound examination of the abdominal cavity and small pelvis are prescribed.

Inspection of expenses on time and money. But, it's worth remembering that no colon cancer, hypo- or hyperthyroidism is detected in time, Crohn's disease or lymphoma is much worse.

How is the irritable bowel syndrome treated? Initially, the counseling work of the therapist, who finds out the patient's ability to cope with stress, anger and fear, without loss, come from a conflict situation. The fact is that all this in the first place is necessary for the patient with irritated thick intestine. Then the appointment of hypnosis, relaxation therapy or the administration of antidepressants - in each individual case is prescribed a treatment.

Doctors insist on viewing the regime of the day - in short there is a shortage

Sleep and physical activity significantly worsen the course of the disease. But the habit of emptying the intestine in the morning after breakfast just prevents the usual constipation. It is very effective in promoting a regular cup of cold water immediately after awakening. Excellent if it is combined with morning gymnastics, which includes exercises "scissors" and "bicycle". The patient is advised to exclude all nutritional supplements, or at least carefully study their composition so that they do not have laxatives that change the nature of the chair.

It is also worth knowing that carbon dioxide, alcohol and caffeine are not the best way to work on the intestines. Many people with irritable bowel syndrome do not tolerate milk and dairy products. If there are constipations, you should review the daily water intake and specify whether a sufficient amount of unrefined foods that are rich in plant fiber is in your food.

Symptoms and treatment of irritable bowel syndrome

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