Swelling hands after injuries

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Probably many people are faced with a problem when the hand swells after an injury. But why this happens and how to fix it, few people know.

Swelling is a reaction of the organism, as a result of which swelling of the tissues occurs when the interstitial fluid is accumulated. This fluid accumulates in its intensive movement from the blood vessels to the extracellular space.

Isolated hand swelling after an injury occurs, as a rule, through venous hypotension or lymphatic failure. Most often, swelling, as a consequence of injury, is treated much more difficult than the injury itself.

Swollen hand after injury: causes

The reasons for the occurrence of edema are often prolonged immobilization of the fracture site. In such cases contracture or limitation of joint movements develops, for treatment of which a variety of different rehabilitating complexes is used.

Most often, the hand swells after any injury. However, swelling - it's just a symptom, which is based on many causes, for example: thrombosis of small vessels, congestive phenomena of blood or disturbance of its microcirculation. Edema may be limited to one single traumatic site, and spread throughout the limb and always accompanied by pain sensations.

Swelling of an injured arm: how to deal with it

In the most simple cases, swelling occurs alone or under the influence of special medications. However, there are such situations when there is a chronic edema, which may result in an independent disease - lymphostasis, or lymphedema. These diseases are characterized by serious violations of the lymph outflow, which can cause a broken structure of the skin, compacted its upper layer.

It is known that most often the specialists fix the lymphostasis of hands, and the treatment of this disease lasts long enough with the help of conservative methods or even by surgical intervention.

Concerned about why the hand swells, it is always necessary to take into account the negative factors that people are inclined to after injury, and it is advisable to consult a physician if:

  • Painful sensations in the hand last for a long time;
  • Due to swelling decreases sensitivity;
  • Pain increases with physical activity, even the smallest;
  • There are significant limitations in the joints and in the affected limb.

It is worth remembering that the hand is swollen after an injury almost always, but it is not necessary to start this condition. Therefore, prevention, for example, massage and balanced nutrition in this case is always better treatment.

Swelling hands after injuries
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