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The whip on the gums is a consequence of a manure breakout with a hidden infected dental cavity. Treatment of gingival fistula depends on the cause of its inflammation and begins with the elimination of the infectious process.

The whip on the gums (odontogenic fistula) is formed as a result of the progression of the hidden infectious process in the cavity of the tooth. The accumulated manure from the hearth of lesion finds a way out to the surface of the gum, forming a fistula or fistula.

Gingival fistula education can be a consequence of a hidden abscess in periodontal disease or severe inflammation in the jaw thickness, most often associated with poor-quality pulpitis treatment.

In the case of gingival fistula, in addition to stands manure, can be observed:

  • Pain in the gums, which increases with the touch;
  • Redness and swelling of the gums in the fistula area;
  • Mobility of teeth;
  • Raised body temperature (37.5 ° C and above).

If fistula is discovered in the gums, treatment should begin immediately, as the process of isolation of the manure indicates a severe stage of tissue damage. Without proper treatment, gums fistula inflammation can not only lead to tooth loss, but also affect the bone tissue, which will lead to serious visible defects in the jaw.

Treatment of fistula on gums

Before treatment of gingival fistula, the cause of the defeat should be clarified by X-ray. In the picture you can see how deeply impressed is gums, broken or periosteum. Diagnosis also gives an idea of ​​the causes of inflammation - chronic periodontitis or previous poor-quality treatment of dental pathology.

In the first case, the treatment of fistula on the gums begins with the elimination of periodontitis.

  1. The dentist carries out the opening of the root canals of the affected tooth, cleanses the carious cavity, removes manure.
  2. In the cavity, for several days, anti-inflammatory drugs are placed before the inflammation process is squeezed, after which the canals are sealed.
  3. The cavity of the tooth is treated with a disinfectant solution and finally sealed.
  4. Between visits by the doctor, the patient must further process the oral cavity with antibacterial paste and gels. Successful treatment of fistula is clear by regular salt baths that relieve swelling and reduce inflammation.
  5. Systemic antibiotics and antihistamines are prescribed.

If the fistula on the gums is formed in the cavity before filling the tooth, treatment begins with the removal of the filling material. After that, root canal cleansing, carious cavity, disinfection and re-sealing are performed.

Removing the filling material from the root canals is a complicated procedure associated with the high risk of damage. Therefore, if the diagnosis of fistula seen nedoplombirovannyy channel in the top of the root apex root resection performed.

In operation cut off the tip of the tooth root through a small hole in the bone and removed with periodontal abscess (purulent content).

Treatment of severe form of gingival fistula

If as a result of the launched inflammatory process the damage to the periosteum occurred, then the surgical operation as soon as possible is carried out. In severe cases, surgical treatment involves removing the affected tooth and scratching the gummy fistal stroke.

Sweat on gums: recovery period

In the final stage of treatment of fistula on the gums, a rehabilitation course is to be prescribed. The affected area of ​​the gum surface is repeatedly treated with a laser or ultrasound. This allows you to completely get rid of infection in the oral cavity and maximally reduce the likelihood of relapse of the disease.

For successful rehabilitation after treatment it is recommended 2-3 weeks to rinse the oral cavity with a solution of salt, decoction of sage, chamomile, eucalyptus.

Sweat on yasnah: treatment

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