Surgical bite correction

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In cases of deformation of the tooth-jaw system and the facial skull, where orthodontic bite treatment is ineffective, for example, with non-removable or removable devices, surgical bite correction is usually used.

Surgical correction of bite relates to invasive surgeries at once by several medical specialists: anesthetist, surgeon and assistant surgeon. Some patients in the surgical department of dentistry mention of blood and medical instruments leads to shock. Therefore, in addition to anesthesia and surgery, a tremendous work is being done to prepare the patient, moreover, it is necessary to understand that modern clinics are equipped with modern innovative equipment, through which treatment passes comfortably, correctly and without any complications.

Medical aspect of bite correction surgically

Operation by surgical correction of bite is carried out in the hospital under general anesthesia and can take several hours. The duration of the operation directly depends on the complexity of the bite defect. As a rule, surgery on the lower part of the jaw is a surgeon-dentist or pushes it forward, or removes it. Then, with the help of special devices, this is all supported throughout the treatment period. Surgical correction of bite on the upper jaw differs by several species and depends on the type of defect:

  • Folding back;
  • Nomination;
  • increase;
  • decrease.

In some cases, in order to achieve the perfect state of the jawbone, some of the jawbone will be reduced.

Surgical correction of tooth-jaw defects is a one-time operation, which does not need to be repeated, unless, of course, repeated disturbance of the location of the teeth or damage to the chin in general, such as road accidents. Operation of each patient is conducted with full control of pressure, temperature, and condition of tissues, as well as in the usual surgical patient.

Surgical correction of biting of teeth is not an orthodontic direction of treatment of facial defects, because this type of correction is performed operatively with direct surgical work on the living tissue of the patient. Such operations are very commonly used by people who, for whatever reason, refuse long-term orthodontic treatment - the wearing of braces. Surgical correction of bite is also recommended in complex dental forms.

Postoperative period

If the defect was serious then, after surgery for jaw correction, it is usually required to impose bracket systems. These systems correct the patient's bite in the usual way, taking into account the fact that the maxillofacial system has already been corrected. If the surgical operation was uncomplicated, then after its completion in 2-3 weeks you will be able to return to the usual life, but with new feelings and a person.

It should be known that in case of the wrong bite, the specialist, who will determine the tactic of correction of bite, should be addressed first - surgically or with orthodontic treatment.

Surgical bite correction
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