Burning the esophagus: treatment and possible implications

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Chemical burn of the esophagus is a widespread phenomenon among young children, but adults often receive this serious injury.

Often burns of esophagus are found in children under 10 years of age. The children's habit of pulling everything in the mouth, as well as parents' negligence, keep chemicals in readily accessible places, sometimes lead to serious consequences.

25-30% of cases of esophageal burns occur in adults - most often it is an accident, or an attempt to suicide.

The burn of the esophagus occurs after acid in the digestive system (hydrochloric, acetic, sulfuric, phosphoric), alkali (caustic soda, ammonia, sodium hydroxide) or other liquids containing aggressive chemicals.

Treatment of esophagus burn

In burning the esophagus, the patient needs urgent hospitalization and immediate treatment, which involves several mandatory procedures.

Burning the esophagus: treatment and possible implications

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