Supportive lifting in hand hands

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Injuries of hands, forearms and elbow are found quite often both in sport and in everyday life. And in such cases, to fix the damaged area, a bandage that supports hand injuries is required.

The bandage that maintains limb hand injuries, makes a thermal and massage effect, since it is made, as a rule, from elastic fabrics.

Appointment of a supporting bandage

Fixing bandages for hand injuries are designed to support the shoulder girdle and upper limb in the following cases:

  • At traumatic injuries: as a rule, it is fractures, dislocations and stretches;
  • In the period of rehabilitation after gypsum immobilization and operations;
  • In the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the joints.

A bandage that supports a damaged arm when injured, there are two types: homemade and medical professional.

  1. Self-made (Kosonic), as a rule, are used for first aid and are made from a piece of material, such as gauze, bead or canvas. The material is in the form of a triangle, hence the name of a scarf. Such a bandage may have different purposes, since it can be used on any part of the body.
  2. Purchasing or medical bandage replaces kosinochnuyu when you need a more aesthetic look or you need more accurate fixation of the upper limb. Usually such bandages have special fasteners-regulators that allow you to individually pick up the comfortable length of the shoulder strap and fix the bandage in the right position.

Indications requiring the use of a fixing band

A support arm for hand injuries is used both for first aid, immediately after an accident, or for the provision of qualified medical assistance, as it is a convenient tool that minimizes the irritation of the affected area by movements and protects against repeated injury.

Indications when needing a bandage that supports limb hand injuries:

  • For more reliable and convenient support of the hand during the period of rehabilitation after stretching, fractures and operative surgical interventions;
  • With neuritis of the radial and elbow nerves;
  • For recovery from wrists injury and impairment of the functions of the wrists department;
  • In the treatment of arthrosis and arthritis of the radiopaque joint during acute exacerbation;
  • To get rid of overloads and overwork of hands with physical activity;
  • For fixation of the hand at simple fractures of the forearm bones and during the formation of bone callol;
  • For prompt recovery after injuries and operations of the shoulder, hands and forearms in order to prevent swelling and reduce the inflammation process.

It is important to pay attention to the color of the fingertips, as with too long wearing bandages can be disturbed blood circulation. Therefore, with the slightest signs of changing the color of the hands, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

The bandage that sustains limb hand injuries successfully cope with keeping limbs in a stationary state and protecting the injured area. However, it should be remembered that this method of treatment, like any one, requires professional observation.

Supportive lifting in hand hands
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