Sunflower: causes and methods of treatment

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Doctors call sunny lichen "beach disease", in fact, in this and there is a solution to the appearance of such an unpleasant phenomenon on the skin. Love for sunburn and excessive exposure to direct sunlight can provoke sunny licorice. Most often spots are white in the summer, but at other times of the year they can become pink, brown or yellow. As a rule, the sunflower appears on the back, shoulders and chest, but it can also strike hands.

Sunflower does not bring any discomfort to the person, the spot does not itch, it does not hurt, it is not transferred to another person, except if only if the patient is in close contact with a healthy person for a long time. Therefore, the schnapps doctors call "safe" and it does not require special treatment, but in reality, this is not quite the case.

Sunspot sores are mostly single, but they can "populate" a large area of ​​the skin and then merge into one huge spot. Naturally, for any person it is an unpleasant phenomenon, because if the skin has already been exposed to tan and has acquired a brown color, then the white spots will be highlighted and demonstrate to others that you have lichen. One only this sign "lichen" introduces everyone in horror, people begin to think that you are contagious and you need to isolate.

Doctors insist that you are responsive to your body and skin, in particular. The rays of the active sun are very harmful to the condition of the skin, as it has already been proven that the tan is accompanied by the rapid aging of skin tissues, as well as the formation of cancer cells. Therefore, the only and most reliable way not to get a sunflower - is not to torture itself by the long introduction of time on the beach. And if you want to be brown, then use artificial sunburn.

There are several ways to protect yourself from the sun's lichen:

1. Do not wear synthetic clothing and prefer natural fabrics, especially in the summer.

2. Reduce the use of antibacterials for the skin, over time, they break the protective layer of the epidermis, so scabies may appear.

3. Increase your immunity every day with food and sports.

Doctors often associate the weakening of the immune system and the emergence of "beach disease," but there are other illnesses that can provoke lichen - tuberculosis, diabetes and so on.

Treated sunny lichen for several weeks, as a rule, one of the medicines medics appoint antifungal agents that are taken by the patient daily intravenously.

Sunflower: causes and methods of treatment
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