The sun will help you lose weight and maintain weight

Health And Medical Video: How The Sun Can Help You Lose Weight (June 2019).


If you want to lose weight on vacation, it's better to take a sun bath in the morning, refusing to stay on the beach after noon, reports The Daily Mail. As scientists have shown, morning sun rays help maintain normal weight. In general, the intensity and duration of irradiation during the day are directly related to the weight of a person.

An experiment with 26 men and 28 women proved: if the lion's share of irradiation was in the morning, then the body had a lowered body mass index compared with the index of tanning people later. Dr. Catherine Reid of the Feinberg School of Medicine at the Northwestern University emphasizes: the effect did not depend on the level of human physical activity, caloric content of her diet, sleep time, age or season.

Approximately 20% of the body mass index was due to the influence of the sun. It is known: the sun is able to synchronize the "inner clock", regulating circadian rhythms. And they, in turn, regulate the energy balance. To feel the effect of sunbathing, spend enough on them for 20-30 minutes in the morning. The most optimal time is 8 am-noon. If a person does not receive the required amount of solar radiation at the right time, her "internal clock" may fail.

And this will change the metabolism, causing a set of weight.

The sun will help you lose weight and maintain weight
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