Sugar substitutes were more dangerous than previously thought

Do You Use Artificial Sweeteners? Watch This! (Health And Medical Video June 2018).

Low-calorie artificial sweeteners, contrary to popular belief, increase the risk of obesity, scientists have found. Such substitutes can be found in dietary soda water. These include saccharin, sucralose, aspartame, writes The Daily Mail.

The Weizmann Institute proved by the example of mice: it was difficult for animals to recycle sugar when their diet was replaced by sugar substitutes. And this increased the risk of obesity and diabetes. In turn, a survey of 400 people made it possible to detect the connection of artificial sweeteners with high weight and glucose tolerance disorders. There were only 4 days to get a rejection.

Other experiments showed that sweeteners damaged the intestinal microflora, changing the bacterial composition. As a result, food was allocated more energy and more fat was stored. The result is an increased risk of obesity. Experts advise to abandon artificial substitutes for sugar, soda water and drink plain water.

C sharp criticism of the study were Gevin Partington of the British Association of Soft Drinks and the International Association of sweeteners. The main claim is that products with low calorie sugar substitutes clearly help to lose weight. This is proved by experiments with full people.

Sugar substitutes were more dangerous than previously thought

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