Suffering from alcoholism will help mushrooms

Can Magic Mushrooms Cure Addiction? (Health And Medical Video June 2018).

Among the mushrooms possessing specific properties are, in particular, suitable for the treatment of alcohol dependence.

For example, the fungus-glucagon contains alkaloid koprin, similar to the action of tetraethyl diuride disulphide, more commonly known under the trademarks "teturum", "antabus", etc.

As is known, these drugs are used in the treatment of alcoholism - by causing disgust to alcohol in the patient.

These drugs block the metabolism of ethanol in the body.

With its application there are more than unpleasant consequences - redness of the skin, nausea, elevated heartbeat and pain in the heart.

However, doctors note that a patient suffering from alcohol requires complex therapy, which takes into account both physical and mental dependence on the harmful habit.

Suffering from alcoholism will help mushrooms

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