Symptoms of stroke: it's must know everyone

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In order to take the right and necessary measures if necessary, you should know which first signs of a stroke.

Many of us have seen the appearance of a stroke or the consequences of severe cerebrovascular accident. However, faced with a "face to face" disorder, many are lost, or until the last take insidious illness for something else. Meanwhile, there are major stroke symptoms that everyone must know.

First of all, it is a severe speech impairment, loss of sensitivity and strong weakness of the facial muscles, arms and legs, confusion of consciousness. In a stroke affected by a person's eyesight, movements become uncoordinated, it overcomes an almost unbearable headache. Often there is vomiting, often the temperature rises.

Possible all kinds of vegetative symptoms: for example, feeling of heat, dry mouth, palpitations, sweating. When a part of the brain that provides a function of motion is affected, the weakness in the arm and leg can be very strong, up to complete paralysis. As a result of a stroke, the so-called "spotty ischemia of the cerebellum", as well as the occipital lobes of the brain, often begins. When dizzy, a person feels that objects are rotated around him. Then you can notice a violation in the movement of the eye. Strabismus develops, the sick person begins to "double out" in the eyes.

Often, everything happens very quickly, and the patient does not have time to call for help, but many get to the phone on their own. Even if only one of these symptoms is observed, you should immediately call an ambulance. It is better for the patient not to move from place to place, but the inflow of fresh air is necessary.

A stroke, as many people know, is right-sided and left-sided, depending on which part of the brain is affected. It is important to know that if the left side of the brain is injured, the stroke symptoms will appear on the right side and vice versa. If your loved one is affected by stroke, you should be prepared for the fact that he may develop depression, a complete inability to control his emotions and their manifestations. Remember: if the patient behaves inadequately, it does not work, but his illness. However, if the lesion area is strong, a stroke can cause inhibition of consciousness, sometimes even a coma. It is important to remember: the sooner doctors come to the aid, the greater the likelihood of reducing brain damage and recovery after a serious illness. This is the case that each minute is valuable, just like life itself.

Symptoms of stroke: it's must know everyone
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