Stress-ecg procedure

What Is A Stress Test? (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

CTRESS ECG is one of the best methods for determining the response of the heart to the load. This technique has received many names, but is invariably in demand among patients who are affected by stress on health.

CTRESS ECG is used to provide doctors with reliable information on heart reactions to stress. Often, the whole process of experiencing a stressful ECG occurs on a treadmill or when the pedals are rotated on a stationary bike. It is important that the load is gradually increased, and at the same time, the electrocardiogram, pulse and blood pressure of the patient were recorded.

Ctrress ECG and the need for it

A Crescard electrocardiogram can be used by a physician to receive the following information:

  • Determination of the effectiveness of the therapy;
  • Determining the need for a more in-depth examination of health;
  • Detection of coronary heart disease.

Preparing for stress-induced ECG

Before starting a stressful ECG, you should prepare carefully. For these purposes, the patient should give up food and drink abundantly four hours before the study. Next, the doctor should prescribe the drugs to be taken on the day of the stressful ECG. If you are suffering from bronchial asthma, you need to take the inhaler on the procedure. In the presence of diabetes, therapy on the day of the study should be adjusted by the doctor accordingly. Preparation also includes the selection of comfortable clothing and soft sole footwear, which is best suited for walking or cycling.

How to undergo ECG stress test?

When conducting a study, doctors clean small areas on the skin of the chest. After that, ten electrodes are applied to them. In some cases, men should shave their chest hair in order to ensure that the electrodes are fixed in the best way. After this, the findings of the electrodes are connected to the electrocardiogram, which registers in real time the electrical activity of the heart when the load is received. Blood pressure is also recorded, but for this, the steps are selected before, during and after the end of the study. The doctor will also be forced to ask you to make the most possible load to get the most reliable data about your health. Occasionally, the nursing staff will be interested in your well-being, and you will have to report it as accurately as possible. Also, you should immediately notify the doctor about the appearance of discomfort or pain in the chest, lower jaw or arms, dizziness, dyspnea, weakness or other symptoms that are not characteristic to you.

Thus, ECG stress is a set of measures that allows us to obtain a reliable picture of the state of human health.

Stress-ecg procedure

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