The stranger and the slight people people: features of the language

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What are the characteristic features of the language of blind and visually impaired people?

There are serious differences between the perception of the environment by sighted people and blind and visually impaired people (for example, in the perception of color), but in the language forms of the blind, they use the same meanings and concepts. Images of objective reality are perceived not only visually, but also with the help of other senses. In this regard, the blind and normally see in the language there are quantitative rather than qualitative differences.

Language features

  • Communicative - external function of information transmission;
  • Information exchange aimed at information exchange;
  • The function of generalization associated with the allocation of the most general characteristics and properties of objects and phenomena of reality;
  • Significant function, based on the unity of understanding of the speaker and listening to the meaning of the same objects and phenomena (it is she distinguishes a person from any other living organism).

Blind and weak eyes: compensatory function of language in tifloopsychology

In addition, teflopsihologia also allocates the compensatory function of the language. However, the allocation of such a function does not mean that the language of blind and visually impaired is different in the content or structural terms of the language normally see.

This only means that the language in this case acts as a tool for the elimination or compensation of visual disturbance, allowing a person to receive information that is not available to him about the surrounding reality. In children, the speech serves as a means of knowing the world as such, and for pozdnoselepshih it becomes the basis for life.

The compensatory function of the language is clearly traceable in all cognitive processes of the blind and visually impaired, the language directs them, and also participates in the formation of representations and images, assimilation of concepts.

Compensatory function of language is not limited to cognitive processes, it has a great influence on the formation of the personality of the blind man in general. Only thanks to the language blind and weak eyes can maintain contact with other people, navigate the society, remaining its full members.

The stranger and the slight people people: features of the language

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