Straightening teeth without braces

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An incorrect bite can seriously harm human health. In addition, the wrong bite - it is aesthetically unattractive, it can cause serious malfunctions in the body. Fortunately, modern technology allows you to make equalizing teeth without braces.

A visit to a dentist is recommended already at the age of one year, when the child only appears the first teeth. This will not only help in the timely detection of the pathology of the baby, but will also accustom it to a permanent visit to the dentist. If the wrong smear is detected early, then there is the possibility of equalizing the teeth without braces for a short time.

How to straighten the braces without braces

The main drawbacks of braces are their high cost, non-aesthetic appearance, the need to wear for a long time. Therefore, there were several alternatives to dentistry that allowed to abandon bracket systems:

  • Traitors;
  • Capi;
  • Plates;
  • Reteiner

Each of these ways has its own testimony. In order to understand how to best do a straightening of teeth without braces, we suggest that you consider each of these methods in more detail.

Tracks for teeth alignment

This method is used only in childhood with mild forms of deviation. The traitors themselves are special devices that reduce the pressure from the side of the cheeks on the teeth. Effective correction of bite in this way is possible only with the daily wearing of traitors for at least 12 hours.

Plates for leveling teeth

Another method is called Microprosthetics. It is directed, in the majority, to eliminating gaps between the teeth. Now the plates are considered one of the most effective methods of balancing teeth without braces. And if earlier it was necessary to turn the tooth to fix the plates, then to this day safe fluorine-containing cement is used for this purpose.

Kapidla equalizing teeth

When choosing this method, be prepared to give you some transparent drops that you need to wear in a certain sequence. On the teeth, such a device should be about 18 hours a day. Kapi not only help make teeth even without braces, they can also carry out their careful bleaching.

Reteiner for equalizing teeth

Without such a device, it is impossible to complete any process of aligning the teeth. It plays the most important role in fixing the result. Wearing this gadget will have to be twice as long as a cape or trader.

Straightening teeth without braces is not only aesthetically appealing but also useful. Judge for yourself, during lunch you can remove braces, in contrast to the cap, for example, so in the oral cavity are food particles that provoke bacterial reproduction.

Remember that only regular dentist visits provide timely detection of bite problems. And this, in turn, gives the doctor the opportunity to offer the optimal method of treatment.

Straightening teeth without braces
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