"stop athlete": what to take care of an athlete

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A disease that is very common in athletes.

"Stop Athlete" (foot mycosis) - the most common fungal infection. There are three main types of "athlete's foot", each of which looks different and affects different foot areas.

What causes an "athlete's foot"?

"Athlete's foot" is a fungus that grows on the skin or in its upper layer. The fungus grows best in a damp and warm environment, for example between toes.

"Stop Athlete" is an extremely contagious disease that is transmitted by contact. Infection often occurs when a person barefoot approaches an infected surface near pools or locker rooms. The fungus can grow in the shoes, especially if it is too tight and does not pass the air.

When you touch the surface, infected with the fungus, you can become a carrier of the disease, without getting sick. For some people, the risk of infecting an "athlete's foot" is higher than others. The reason for this is still unknown, but the patient who has suffered from this disease also has a high risk of re-infection.

Symptoms of "Athlete's Foot"

The main symptoms - itching and burning of the feet, the skin can peel and crack. The symptoms of the disease depend on its type.

  • Infection of the intercostal membrane usually occurs between the little finger and the ring finger. On the skin there are scales, it is peeling and cracking. Some patients have a bacterial infection, which causes the skin to get even stronger.
  • Moccasin-like infection begins with a weak pain in the foot. Then the skin on the heels becomes rough and cracked. In more severe cases, the infection affects the nails on the legs, as a result of which they thicken, crumble and even fall out.
  • The vesicular "foot athlete" usually begins with the sudden appearance of bumps under the skin, which are usually on the heel, but may also appear in any other part of the foot. Very often this type of priosedinayetsya bacterial infection.

Diagnosis of "Athlete's Foot"

In most cases, the doctor can determine the presence of the disease after the examination of the foot. If the patient "stops an athlete" looks unusual or if the prescribed treatment does not help, the doctor may take a sample of the skin or nail to analyze the presence of the fungus.


In most cases, an "athlete's foot" can be treated at home with lotions, creams or sprays.

In more severe cases, the doctor may prescribe pills or compresses. Keep your legs dry and clean, as the fungus grows in a damp and warm environment.

In order not to catch it again, in general locker rooms it is necessary to wear rubber sandals for a shower, and in order to keep the skin dry, use talcum. Sandals or shoes should be spacious and made of breathable materials.

"stop athlete": what to take care of an athlete
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