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When the first symptoms of the disease should be as soon as possible to find the right remedy for stomatitis. There are numerous drugs for the treatment and prevention of this disease.

The main cause of stomatitis are various microorganisms. Obviously, the future of the drug should contain components that remove these bacteria. It can also contain substances with healing, immunomodulatory and regenerative effects. The remedy for stomatitis is as a local (acts on the affected area of ​​the oral cavity) and systemic (effect on the whole organism) character. It should be noted that systemic drugs penetrate into the bloodstream, disintegrate in the liver and are excreted through the kidneys, indicating an additional burden on these organs. Take note of this feature before buying a drug from the stomatitis of this group.

Signs and symptoms of stomatitis. Specific characteristics of remedies for the treatment of stomatitis of systemic action - especially when used

Before taking systemic remedies for the treatment and prevention of stomatitis it is recommended to know that such drugs are divided into anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antibiotic and antihistamines functions.

The remedy for stomatitis is desirable to take either after consultation with the doctor or with full confidence in the symptoms of the patient. Before buying such a drug, pay attention to the following features (only if they are available should start medical treatment):

  • Body temperature of the patient 37.5 degrees and above;
  • There is a sharp and strong increase in lymph nodes;
  • The patient observes the pain during meals or liquids;
  • In the mouth you can visually detect gray plaque and ulcers;
  • There is an intoxication of an organism.

If you find that your fears completely or partially coincide with the above list, immediately start treating with stomatitis drugs, having first consulted your doctor. It is best to stop your choice on one means, which will be a preventive measure and prevention of stomatitis.

Means for stomatitis "Hexalysis"

Among the modern drugs that have proven themselves in the treatment of inflammatory processes of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity, including stomatitis, is "Hexalysis". This local remedy protects the patient not only from stomatitis, but also provides antibacterial and antiviral prophylaxis. Bacteria and microorganisms can give almost the same clinical picture with many similar diseases, and special tests are very expensive and time-consuming. "Hexalysis", being a device of the local group, also contains complex components, which makes it irreplaceable in the selection of drugs with complex diagnosis. This drug contains three main components - lysozyme, enoksolon, bichotimol.

Options for taking medication in the treatment of stomatitis

In the saliva of each person there are immunoactive and antiviral components. Consequently, doctors recommend using resorbable tablets, which accelerate the recovery process by means of reflex increase in salivation.

Stomatomy tool
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