Stomatitis in pregnancy: treatment

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Stomatitis during pregnancy can be quickly and effectively cured. But when this problem occurs, you must be examined by a doctor before you can do self-treatment.

Perhaps folk remedies can relieve pain, but you are unlikely to be able to completely cure the disease itself, which may have negative consequences. After misbehaving, stomatitis in pregnancy can easily change into a chronic phase. Therefore, if you experience the slightest signs of stomatitis, you should urgently seek medical attention.

Stomatitis in pregnant women

According to statistics, this illness is worried by every second pregnant woman. The reason for the emergence of stomatitis during pregnancy is a change in the hormonal background, which results in lowering the protective functions of the body and the ability of the mucous membrane of the mouth to fight the infection. Also, the reasons for the occurrence of stomatitis in pregnant women can be such factors as:

  • Non-compliance with hygiene of the oral cavity;
  • Dental deposits;
  • Running diseases of the teeth;
  • Stones on teeth;
  • Causing mucus damage by the sharp edge of the tooth or during the intake of solid food.

It is known that stomatitis may also occur in the absence of vitamin B or substances of mineral origin. Also, do not forget about the fact that provoking stomatitis in pregnancy can be heredity and some internal diseases. Therefore, in order to launch the mechanism of this disease, which is unpleasant in all respects, only the least influence of some factors is sufficient.

Symptoms and Dangers for the Fetus

Untimely treatment of a doctor, as a rule, promotes active and rapid reproduction of infectious microorganisms on the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. As a result, various inflammations and ulcers are formed in the mouth. Women can not start stomatitis during pregnancy, because it not only brings unpleasant and painful sensations, but can damage the fetus.

Symptoms of the appearance of this infectious disease always look the same: burning on the mucous membrane of the mouth, redness of the cheeks, the palate or the lips. A little later, reddened places appear ulcers and erosion. In case if the appearance of ulcers was caused by a fungal infection, different antifungal agents are used for the treatment of stomatitis during pregnancy. However, here it is necessary to be extremely cautious, and without the recommendation of the doctor to take any drugs is categorically impossible, since not all antifungal drugs are harmless to the fetus. Also, in the treatment of stomatitis, sweet, sour and keen on the diet of pregnant women is better excluded until complete recovery.

Stomatitis during pregnancy can be cured without making any special efforts. The main thing is to contact a doctor in good time and find out the cause of the illness.

Stomatitis in pregnancy: treatment

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