Stomach pains: causes

Causes Of Stomach Pain | Causes Of Stomach Pain After Eating (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Stomach pains are a symptom, in most cases indicating the presence of a pathological process in the stomach or in adjacent organs. However, very often, neurotic conditions of a person and stress can also lead to pains in the stomach.

Stomach pains can be of varying intensity, and weak feelings do not at all indicate the malaise of the situation. For example, in case of stomach cancer, pain, as a rule, is pronounced and often ignored by patients. Therefore, in case of any unpleasant sensations "under the spoon" it is very important to determine their cause as soon as possible.

Causes of stomach pain

The most common cause of stomach pain is inflammation of the mucous membrane (gastritis). Induce inflammation, having an adverse effect on the mucus, the following factors:

  • Smoking (including passive);
  • alcohol;
  • Inhalation of nasty, odorous substances;
  • Chemical food supplements;
  • sodas;
  • Drugs (derivatives of salicylic acid, antibiotics);
  • Excessively hot or cold food;
  • Mistakes in the diet and diet - fasting, overeating, the consumption of fatty, roast, sharp, smoked food or its insufficient chewing, food in a dessert.

Other causes of stomach pain

In addition to gastritis, the causes of stomach pains may be:

Stomach pains: causes

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