Hernia stomach: symptoms and treatment

Signs And Symptoms Of Hernia You Should Not Ignore (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Hernia of the stomach (hernia of the aperture of the diaphragm - HPAI) is characterized by severe painful symptoms from the digestive tract and requires timely treatment.

Stomach Hernia: Symptoms

Symptoms of a stomach hernia can be severe pain after eating, heartburn, painful bloating, burning on the sternum, especially when moving the trunk and lying down.

Lump in the throat, swallowing pain, pain in the lungs and heart, pain in the area of ​​the lungs and heart, feeling of difficulty in breathing, increased salivation and attacks of breath at night are another common symptom of this serious illness.

The result may be the following neurological reactions, such as pressure leaps and obsessive-compulsive syndrome, greatly impair the quality of life of the patient.

Treatment of GPA is quite complicated and often requires surgical intervention. It is important to recognize the disease at an early stage.

Hernia of the stomach: reasons

HOD occurs when the aperture in the diaphragm, through which the esophagus passes, expands excessively. As a result, part of the stomach comes from the abdominal cavity to the chest.

In the natural conditions of the esophagus, the opening is elastic and changes the diameter according to the size of the breast. When the muscles surrounding the esophagus hole lose their tone, it stops responding properly to food intake.

Before the stomach hernia leads:

  • Scoliosis - distortion of the spine, which provokes the displacement of internal organs;
  • improper diet, overeating and heavy drinking food, causing increased pressure in the abdomen, constipation and other gastrointestinal motility disorders;
  • Excessive physical activity - lifting heavy objects, especially accompanied by slopes;
  • Abdominal injuries as a result of blows, falls;
  • HPAI risk factors are the use of alcohol and smoking;
  • described high incidence of the disease in girls and women who regularly caused vomiting after eating, trying to control food intake to lose weight.

The consequences of running form HH cavity may be bleeding, ulcers and erosions of the stomach and esophagus, concomitant diseases of the cardiovascular system, which can lead to disability and even death.

Diagnosis and treatment of stomach hernia

Before treatment is necessary to conduct a study of the abdomen using ultrasound or fluoroscopy and ezofahohastroskopii.

For the initial stages of the hernia, stomachs are characterized by periods of exacerbation and remission. At the first signs of the disease should immediately contact a doctor-gastroenterologist.

For treating patients with HID, it is usually shown:

  • Complete rejection of bad habits;
  • diet (split meals 5-6 times a day in small portions, the food should be lehkousvoyaemaya, with exacerbations esophageal table - pureed soups, vegetable purees, cereal, cheese, boiled eggs, sweet tea, with the exception of heavy meat and spicy food, food that increase the acidity of the stomach and provoke increased gas production, food should be taken at least 2-3 hours before bedtime and after meals is important to be like, poruhatysya about half an hour, in any case does not go, the temperature of food and drink should be moderate, Not hot).
  • Exclusion of significant physical activity;
  • Medicines that reduce stomach secretion and reduce the acidity of the digestive tract, as well as laxatives.

Treatment of severe forms of hernia

In severe cases of development of GPA, with the appearance of erosions of the mucous surface of the esophagus and stomach can be prescribed treatment in the hospital.

During therapy, medications can be administered, including by means of a probe directly into the esophagus. If no remedies help, the only way to eliminate the disease may be to remove the part of the stomach that is above the diaphragm.

Prevention of herniated stomach

Hernia of the stomach can occur at any age. It is important to prevent the disease:

  • Maintain the correct posture;
  • Watch food;
  • Not to exceed the permissible physical activity during work and sports;
  • Abandon bad habits.

Hernia stomach: symptoms and treatment

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