Stomach cancer: signs

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Gastric cancer in the early stages often has no specific symptoms, which worsens the prognosis of the disease.

Stomach cancer can proceed asymptomatic, and in such cases, it is possible to detect malignant tumors only by accident, for example by making an X-ray image on another occasion.

Stomach Cancer: Common Signs

  • Drop in hemoglobin level in the blood (anemia) - the first symptom of stomach cancer and a number of other cancer cases;
  • General weakness;
  • Reduction in endurance (a person starts to get tired faster);
  • Reduction of working capacity, including during usual occupations;
  • Weight loss without apparent reason;
  • apathy;
  • Decrease of activity, appearance or increase of propensity to sedentary lifestyle;
  • Loss of interest in events around, apathy;
  • Temperature rise (manifests itself when the disease is thoroughly started).

Most common symptoms indicate the location of the tumor in the middle part of the stomach.

Local symptoms of gastric cancer

  • A feeling of overcrowding, dislocation of the upper abdomen (manifested when the lesion of the end part (antrum) of the stomach);
  • Increased salivation, difficulty with the passage of coarse food, increase with the progression of the disease (indicate that the affected part of the stomach and caused by decreased passage of the esophagus);
  • Disappearance of a feeling of saturation;
  • Decrease or complete disappearance of appetite;
  • Refusal of the usual products;
  • Reduction in the amount of food consumed;
  • The emergence or increase of avidity to food;
  • In some cases vomiting and nausea (vomiting usually indicates antrumal lesion of the stomach, an additional feature is the rotten smell of vomiting).

Signs of painful stomach cancer

Pain indicating stomach cancer arises in the upper abdomen. In some cases, they are cast across. And if the tumor sprouts into the pancreas and further, pain sensation is found mainly in the back region, which is why they are often taken for signs of a radiculitis or a phenomenon of neurological nature, and even prescribe appropriate treatment.

Pains may appear during or after eating or when feeling hungry. But it is more difficult to detect any regularities - they are unsystematic, although they can be exacerbated by walking or changing body position during long periods.

Stomach cancer: signs
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