Stereoscopic vision

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Stereoscopic vision is the greatest gift given to man by nature. Thanks to him, a person has the opportunity to perceive the world around him in all its depth and diversity. A bulk image forms a brain in natural conditions when a person looks at real objects with both eyes.

Stereoscopic vision is a special kind of view, in which we can see not only the size of the object in one plane, but also its shape, distance to it, the size of the object in different planes. Such bulky vision is inherent in every healthy person: if we see a house on the mountain far, we can estimate something about which size it is, at what distance is located from us. Essentially, stereoscopic vision is one of the functions of human eyes.

Binocular vision

Spacious vision for a person is possible due to binocular vision, in other words, vision with two eyes simultaneously. In fact, when we look at the subject with two eyes, it does not spill out, which does not duplicate, since we see one visual image, which consists in our brain of two images.

If a person is deprived of binocular vision, for example, having lost one eye or a blind one, the possibility of deep vision for him is either lost at all, or given in a more complicated way.

The role of stereoscopic vision in life

The main function of stereoscopic vision is the orientation of man in space. We are better oriented to the world around us by the ability to see objects in bulk. If a person misses perception of the depth of space, his life can simply become dangerous.

Stereoscopic vision helps us, for example, in sports activities: without the assessment of themselves and surrounding objects in the space impossible speeches gymnasts on the boards and the log, jumpers and pole, and the height will not be able to correctly assess the distance to the bar, and Biathlon players can not hit the target.

If a person does not have binocular vision, he will not be able to work in those professions that require immediate distance estimation or related to fast-moving objects (train driver, pilot, hunter, dentist).

Special devices (binocular microscope) can help people of different professions, with their help, scientists can see in detail the structure of insect parts chip samples of minerals and neurosurgeons carry out the most complex operations, which must be operated stereoscopic images of tissues, nerve roots.

Defects in vision

Many people suffer from various visual defects:

  • Astigmatism;
  • Nystagmus;
  • daltonism.

All of the above visual impairments in one way or another impede stereoscopic vision. People with similar defects can not reliably determine the distance of the subject and its location in space in relation to other subjects, which is also a contraindication to work in certain positions (passenger transportation).

The stereoscopic vision pushed the person to create a simulation of the stereo effect - stereophotography, 3D films, stereoscopic images that made the world around us even more wonderful and mysterious.

Stereoscopic vision

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