The state of underestimation is similar to alcoholic intoxication

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Every 5 hours of waking hours can be correlated with the effect of one alcohol, in terms of how the brain works, reports Voxy.

It turns out that if a person is in a state of wakefulness for 20 hours, then she can not fully function, like a person who has exceeded the established allowable dose of alcohol, at which one can sit behind the wheel.

So, driving after a sleepless night is strictly prohibited. Due to lack of sleep, the body's concentration of stress hormones increases cortisol. The temperature of the body falls slightly, and the immunity ceases to work in full force. But the brain in such a situation acts in the same way as in alcoholic intoxication.

From the point of view of the task of the visual-motor coordination, hourly wakefulness corresponds to an additional concentration of alcohol in the blood, equal to 0.004%. So, the person who slept for less than five hours has broken coordination.

Young people often encounter this problem because they are poorly in need of sleep.

Then, according to statistics, among this age group, there are frequent cases of sleep disorders. And the number of people with this problem is constantly increasing.

The state of underestimation is similar to alcoholic intoxication
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