Stages of formation of vision in infants

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Born, the baby still continues to develop, his physiological features are very different from the characteristics of an adult. Vision in infants, the stages of formation of which - an amazing process, causes a lot of controversy among scientists in this area.

As far as inferior life without sight, only a few know, however, including children. Vision in infants, the stages of formation of which begin with virtually complete blindness, is today the subject of study, which causes a lot of controversy.

Vision in the newborn

In the first days of vision in infants only in the first stage of formation, the most important thing is still ahead. When the baby is only born, he distinguishes only blurred shades, not seeing even the outline of objects.

Basic stages of vision formation in infants

Vision in infants, the stages of formation of which can be divided into three basic, gradually develops. So, to the stages of formation can be attributed the following.

  1. In the first 2 months of his life, the baby learns to distinguish between vivid colors, to spot objects that are nearby. He tries to concentrate his attention, but these are only the first attempts, so it is considered a norm, if the pupils of the infant are shifted to the pores, then run out. By the end of the first - the beginning of the second month, the child will learn concentration and begin to monitor moving objects that are close to the distance. But he notices them only in the horizontal plane, but to look up and down it will be a little later.
  2. The ability to distinguish between colors is formed in the first days, but only by the end of the second month the baby begins to distinguish more vivid shades, he is interested in contrasts of different patterns. Good help for your child will be viewing photos, different pictures, bright toys.
  3. Vision in infants at the final stage of formation already allows the baby to distinguish between objects, to understand their constancy, to understand the location, to see in perspective. By the end of the eighth month, the baby's eyesight is already fully developed and has the same depth as an adult's eyesight. The color of the eyes also gets its shade.

Vision in infants: stages of formation: what to pay attention to

Stages of children's vision should be checked by a children's ophthalmologist. But you need to consider the circumstances in which you should immediately contact a doctor. So, an appeal to a child's ophthalmologist is required if you notice that:

Stages of formation of vision in infants
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