Sports massage: views, technique, massage video

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Athletic massage helps athletes maintain their shape during active training and competitions. Thanks to the sports massage, the efficiency of a person increases in times, the risk of injuries and stretches decreases, and fatigue decreases after severe physical activity.

Features of sports massage

Sports massage includes several types:

  1. Training
  2. Restorative
  3. Healing

Training massage Is conducted daily before training, preparing the body for loads, helping the athlete tune in to overcome himself and increase his own strap. In addition, sports massage is a prevention of injuries during physical activity.

  • Improves the condition of the neuromuscular apparatus;
  • Activates the muscles receiving a big load;
  • Improves power performance;
  • Helps to quickly get a sports uniform

Restorative sports massage It is also conducted on the day of the workout, but after it. During a sports massage, the restoration of the athlete's strength occurs, lactic acid is removed from the muscles, due to which unpleasant and painful sensations arise.

An important point: the massage should be painless, since your muscles have already undergone a significant load and the least that they need is a powerful, intense effect. It is especially important to remember this during the first massage sessions or after a long break in the training process.

Therapeutic sports massage Is conducted to athletes injured during the training process or in competitions. Usually these are bruises, stretches, tears of ligaments and tendons. Therapeutic massage is also used in heavier injuries - fractures, but only after the elimination of pain syndrome, in the recovery period.

Features and nuances of sports massage

Specialists of the fitness club Egoiste have high qualification and great experience of sports massage. In nashem fitness club vы Smozhe hold polnotsennuyu trenyrovku and the full range of treatments sports massage - as trenyrovochnoho well and vosstanovytelnoho. Also, our masters will help the athletes recover from injuries, thanks to a therapeutic sports massage.

The duration of the sports massage is 60 - 90 minutes, it all depends on the type of effect. The course is tailor-made, each athlete will receive full assistance.

Contraindications for sports massage:

  • Bad health;
  • Illness in an acute period;
  • High temperature;
  • Wounds and injuries in the acute period.

Please visit our fitness club Egoiste, vы Smozhe nasladytsya not only massage, but a rymskoy parnoy and fynskoy saunoy, as well as vosstanovytsya svoy of force pomoshchju with fragrant herbal tea.

Sports massage: views, technique, massage video
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