Sports traumatic knee: symptoms and help

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A knee injury is one of the main problems faced by extreme leisure lovers and professional athletes. This is a result of excessive physical activity. Often after that, the former active life is no longer possible.

Very often knee injuries lead to instability and pain. Most often you need surgery.

Athlete's knee injury: anatomy

At the base of the knee is the joint and the muscles that are attached to it, providing mobility. There are three different bones in it:

  • Big tibia;
  • thigh;
  • Patella or cup.

Their surfaces are facing each other and covered with cartilage. The bones are connected by means of communication from the sides, which do not allow the knee to "walk" to the left and to the right. The rear and the anterior cruciate ligaments restrict knee displacement back and forth. Each department also has a meniscus-cartilaginous lining.

With a traumatic injury to one or another part of the knee, different problems arise.

A knee injury injury: Damage and help

In sports injuries, the knees are the worst treatable intracranial fractures of the knee joint. Then there are inequalities on the surfaces that rub these bones. Here only the operation will help.

The meniscus is most commonly encountered. In the case of a trauma of the knee, the legs of the meniscus are torn completely or partially. With full separation, the meniscus is turned on, the knee is jammed, it can not bend. Often, the part of the meniscus can be manipulated without intervention, but it still does not grow. So the problem is not resolved, the knee is often blocked, it often hurts. Necessary surgery, otherwise you will have to forget about physical activity. The torn part is sewn or partially removed.

Often, the trauma of the anterior cruciate ligament also occurs. It occurs when podvorachivanie the knee inside, accompanied by also damage to meniscus. If the damage is isolated, the pain symptom is not expressed. The instability in the entire joint is most common. If such a trauma of healthy knee is accompanied by a rupture, it is necessary to restore the connection. Otherwise, the knee will be unstable. The result is damage to the cartilage, a rupture of meniscus, a rapid destruction of the joint.

Disrupted communications are stitched, replacing the part of the tendon and fastening with special fixators. These latches perform their function, and then dissolve in 1,5-2 years. The bone tissue replaces them completely. With the help of the arthroscopic method, it is possible to make only a couple of small punctures here. Rehab is very fast.

Any damage to the knee is extremely unpleasant. Even minor injuries, often repeated, can lead to serious consequences. There are a lot of examples when people who did not take action at one time are forced to undergo joint replacement surgery. It is better not to prove the situation to this.

Sports traumatic knee: symptoms and help
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