Spine injury: symptoms and first aid

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Damage to the spine can occur both during a car accident and in everyday life, for example, with sharp flexing of the vertebral column during exercise. Injuries to the spine, the symptoms of which are manifested immediately, can have very serious consequences.

Very often the damage to the spine is formed in the form of fractures or fractures of the vertebrae, with fractures most often dangerous to life. Injuries to the spine, the symptoms of which are easy to identify, sometimes lead to a complete or partial break in the spinal cord.

Symptoms of Spinal Damage

Usually the symptoms are manifested by severe back pain, as well as loss of mobility. The victim can not move, loses sensitivity. Pain may well appear in the event of a minor injury, compression of nerve endings, rupture of the fibrous ring or the formation of intervertebral hernia. However, the trauma of the spine symptoms are quite pronounced, and in any case, the possibility of a fracture must be taken into account.

Damage can be closed, that is, without injury to the soft tissues and the skin, or open - with damage to the skin. Not penetrating and penetrating spine injuries are distinguished, their symptoms are strongly expressed, while the walls of the channel are violated.

Closed damage to the spine is divided into bottoms, dislocations, fractures, damage to discs, ruptures and stretching of the ligation apparatus. And the spinal cord is also damaged, as a result, a concussion, a slaughter, a hemorrhage into a shell and a substance of a spinal cord may appear.

First Aid

First of all, you should completely immobilize the victim in one plane and call the doctor. The injuries of the spine, the symptoms of which are pronounced, require the cervix to be applied, even if there was no trauma to the cervical unit, because the tongue can interfere with the respiratory tract, which can lead to a fatal outcome.

If you suspect the fracture of the victim should be placed, while supporting the body, neck, head and legs. It can be repaid only at one time so that parts of the body are not displaced.

Therapeutic measures for spinal injury:

  • Transportation of the victim to the hospital, during which the probability of spinal deformation and the occurrence of secondary injuries is prevented;
  • Putting the patient in the care facility with caution on the hard surface;
  • Carrying out orthopedic measures for elimination of deformation, ensuring stability and preventing secondary displacement.

Spine injuries have serious consequences, which is why the symptoms of such injuries pay special attention.

The correctness and speed of first aid in damages to the spine affect the recovery time of the victim. In the event of improper and untimely assistance, a person may get paralysis and remain disabled for life.

Spine injury: symptoms and first aid
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