Spinal cord injury: dangerous consequences

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Accident - the most common cause of injuries in the spinal cord. Their effects can be disastrous, often as a result of spinal cord injury healthy and active man is confined to a wheelchair. Mostly injuries of the spinal cord are received by athletes and people who lead an active lifestyle.

According to statistics, the most common causes of spinal injuries - a car accident, a fall from height and the fall in domestic or extraordinary circumstances.

Sometimes you can get severe injury without worrying about their own safety and risk their lives in order to boast a dangerous stunt.

Spinal cord injury is more often received by men, and the vast majority at the time of injury is in a state of alcohol or drug intoxication.

Types of injuries of the spinal cord

Spinal cord is a thread for all systems of the body, and in the first place - for the musculoskeletal system. The severity of spinal cord injury depends on how widely the brain is damaged.

By the nature of closed traumas, the spine is distinguished:

  • Strikes;
  • Stretching and spine bursts;
  • Dislocations;
  • Damage to intervertebral discs;
  • Fractures of the vertebral appendages;
  • Fractures with displacement of appendages;
  • Multiple damage to the spine.

Sometimes, even with a very strong kickback, everything can do quite well. But if the damaged spinal cord is damaged, the integrity of at least a few cells is broken, this leads to a violation of the spinal cord functions and, as a rule, to paralysis of the lower extremities. Such a state is called a spinal shock.

Depending on the severity of the injury, the shock may last from several hours to several months. This condition is also characterized by a disturbance in sensitivity below the site of trauma and pelvic dysfunction (delay or incontinence).

Treatment of spinal cord injury

The severity of injury is diagnosed with a magnetic resonance imaging device. If this degree is fairly easy, doctors do medical treatment in combination with curative gymnastics, massage and physiotherapy procedures.

In severe cases (for example, with fractures) surgery is required, and the faster, the better. In order for the spinal cord to restore its cells, it is necessary to remove spleen fragments, to restore blood circulation, to immobilize the victim.

When diagnosed with compression you can lose no minute, the operation must be carried out in the first few hours after the injury. Otherwise, the cells of the torn spinal cord will die in huge quantities, and there is a high risk that the victim will remain permanently forever.

Consequences of spinal cord injury

For many who encountered this problem, the diagnosis sounded like a verdict. Indeed, in the event of serious injury, a person seriously contemplates whether he can live as before. Often the answer turns out to be negative.

The victim and his relatives are not able to adequately assess the reality, because what has happened is really horrible. Therefore, in the first months after injury, you need to engage with an experienced psychologist who will help socially adapt to a new life in a wheelchair.

A recovery period after an injury may take from a few months to one or two years. At this time, damaged cells are actively restored, the link of the spinal cord with the head is established, the motor skills are returned to the victim. Accelerated recovery and various useful procedures and techniques, irreplaceable for spinal injuries. This is a massage, therapeutic gymnastics, acupuncture, Ergotherapy, and much more.

The ability to move may not return in full, as before, but with a large damage to the spinal cord, it will be lost forever, and no light of medicine will not be able to lift a person to his feet. After all, the connecting thread, passing through the whole body, is torn, and a new transplant has not yet been invented.

Spinal cord injury: dangerous consequences
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