Spices and their impact on human health - experts say

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It so happened historically and geographically that spices have become an integral part of our culinary life. Agree, it is difficult to imagine the kitchen of a modern person without a set of jars and bags with fragrant content. Spices affect not only the taste of food, but also our health - this is spoken of as the ancient medical treatises, as well as the latest scientific research.

The value of spices

Once spices in the literal sense of the word were valued for the weight of gold. Behind them were sent entire flotilla, in the course of these trips even occurred geographical discoveries. This attitude is due to the properties of spices, their ability to change the taste of the dishes. In ancient times it was difficult to store food, and spices helped to get rid of the unpleasant smack. In addition, as the Indian experience shows, curry, which includes a multitude of different components, is an excellent preservative.

The number of names of spices and spices is great: anise, guinea fowl, sage, basil, tarragon, black and red pepper, cloves, vanilla, coriander, cinnamon, sesame, star and so on. Each of them, and the language in this case is only about those that have plant origin, has its own unique taste properties and properties.

be careful

In our time it's not necessary to go to distant countries for different spices. However, with the advent of availability, quality is often lost. Spices can conceal danger. Particular care should be taken with various mixtures under the general names: "Seasoning to fish", "Spices for meat", "Mix for the swim", "Provence grasses". Such sets of different components are usually supplemented by chemical ingredients to improve taste.

Another danger is not quantity but quantity. In large quantities, from five to ten grams or higher, spices can indeed lead to serious health problems. Muscat walnut, sage and cinnamon can cause seizures. Rosemary and saffron are contraindicated during pregnancy. Due to its sedative properties, cloves cause severe drowsiness.

Spices are a very strong irritant that can provoke the disease. When gastritis, ulcer, allergic reactions, bronchial asthma and cystitis it is desirable to limit the use of spices or completely exclude them from the diet. It is not recommended to combine some spices with drugs, for example, curry and aspirin, as the properties of the spice neutralize the effect of drugs.

Red pepper is so sharp because of the presence in its composition of capsaicin - alkaloida responsible for the burning properties. If capsaicin gets in the eye, it can cause serious damage to the retina.

Useful properties of spices

Each spice, in addition to its unique taste and unique aroma, has its own set of useful properties and qualities.

Clove and bay leaves in the form of spices or oils help with the disease of the upper respiratory tract.

In experiments conducted at the Medical University of Graz, it was shown that turmeric prevents the development of liver cirrhosis, normalizes the bile duct and stops the inflammation.

Amaranth metelchatyy, coriander, cinnamon, aerva lanata, Indian koktsiniya (almost all of these spices are part of curry) to help cope with the adverse effects caused by high blood sugar, and are recommended for patients with diabetes and older people.

Sesame affects the level of cholesterol in the blood, normalizes blood pressure. Sesame oil stimulates the proper functioning of the intestine.

Vanilla due to the presence of polyphenols, which have antioxidant properties, prevents cancer cells and slows the aging process, is the prevention of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Well-known red or black pepper also prevents the formation of cancer cells Protivoprostudnye is an excellent tool. In addition, red pepper regulates blood clotting, strengthens bone and recommended to smokers because of the high content of beta kryptooksantyntiv that neutralize the effects of tobacco.

Use spices with moderation and do not forget that besides everything else, practically all of them are wonderful pheromones!

Spices and their impact on human health - experts say
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