Spectral analysis of hair

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Spectral analysis of hair - this is not an invasive method of diagnosing the composition of hair, which indicates the various pathologies of the body. The hair contains almost the entire table of Mendeleev.

Reducing or increasing one of the elements indicates a variety of diseases. This method shows changes in the human body over the past 6 months.

For analysis it is necessary to cut off a small strand of hair from the area of ​​the nape, from the root, about 4-5 cm in length to the patient.

If, however, it is necessary to conduct a diagnosis of any hormonal disorder or gynecological pathology, then a bundle of hair should be taken from the pubis.

The resulting sample of hair is washed in acetone (in order to degrease), after which it is washed several times in distilled water and dried. After that, the hair is immersed in a special container, which contains a mixture of water and nitric acid.

From this composition, the hair is dissolved and fall into a spectrometer in which, under the influence of argon, it is burned down. The combustion products fall into a special sensor, which processes data and transfers them to a computer.

According to the results of the analysis, the composition of mineral substances in the hair can be pre-diagnosed. After that, the patient or prescribe treatment, or sent to a specialist to continue the diagnosis.

Spectral analysis of hair
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