Spacer - device for inhalation

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Patients suffering from respiratory diseases can appreciate the special technical device that helps to take therapeutic procedures. It is the spacer - an auxiliary device used for inhalation - ensures proper receipt and dosage of life-saving drugs.

Scientists come up with an intermediate chamber, through which the drugs from the inhaler enters the cavity of the larynx, they decided a very important problem: they provided a deep penetration of medicines that could extinguish a deep infection infection. It is important to understand that the spacer is an individual device that provides the possibility of penetration of prescribed medicines directly into the lungs. Before his appearance, the patient had to make maximum efforts in order to achieve the desired treatment effectiveness. And if it was intended for a small child, he hardly endured the procedure of inhalation. With the advent of spacers - an intermediate reservoir for aerosols - all the inconvenience disappeared, the terms of treatment for pulmonary diseases were reduced.

Advantages of spacers

Not so long ago, instead of spacers used a conventional rolled up a ball of paper that quickly came to a standstill. With the advent of a new device, the patients were able to appreciate the benefits that the new universal camera gave:

  1. The spacer helped to provide the most complete coverage of the required drugs right in the lungs.
  2. With its appearance, there was no need to synchronize the breath and press on an aerosol can.
  3. He allowed to reduce the risk of side effects.
  4. Such an auxiliary device allowed the delivery of drugs to the center of infection, it is now not deposited in the oral cavity, which is very important in the treatment of hormonal drugs.

Why should a spacer appear in every home medicine kit?

By its very nature, the device is described - this is a simplified inhaler consisting of two collapsible cone-shaped plastic chambers. One inserts a mouthpiece, in another - a dosage inhaler. The cameras are hermetically joined together. Remember, spacers are capable of:

  1. Save expensive therapeutic drugs.
  2. Raise the effect of their influence.
  3. Simplify the procedure itself.

If you are suffering from bronchial asthma, you are tormented by constant chronic attacks, such a device simply needs to be in your home medicine chest.

Today, a variety of modifications to the labeled device can be found on the market. To select the right spacer, you need to be guided by individual indications. For example, many spacers are made for a particular medical inhaler, there are those that are intended for young children or elderly people. It is important to understand that it will be easier to care for a collapsible camera. It is best to give priority to those made of hypoallergenic materials, the presence of antistatic coating is welcomed.

Spacer - device for inhalation
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