Soda water can provoke diabetes even in healthy people

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Scientists at the Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine have found that frequent use of soda water and other sweetened drinks causes diabetes mellitus of the second type.

In addition, the disease does not only occur in full people who are prone to developing insulin deficiency, but also in healthy and thin ones.

"We, of course, need to conduct additional studies to fully confirm all the causes and effects of diabetes, but our findings show that all people can potentially improve their health by refusing or reducing the consumption of sweetened beverages," says Nita Forumhi Forouhi) and her colleagues.

Forum Forum came to this conclusion by comparing and analyzing the results of nearly two dozen previous studies, in which their authors tried to understand how much the use of soda water and other sweet drinks could contribute to the development of metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes.

Scientists explain that today, doctors practically do not doubt that people who are prone to completeness and diabetes are in a special risk group, which is why they should refuse or at least use sweetened and carbonated drinks.

As Forum and its colleagues have shown, such a risk exists not only for healthy people, but also for healthy people with a normal body mass index. Each raised glass or a portion of soda water per day increases the risk of developing diabetes by 18% on average.

Due to this, only in the United States, about 2 million people out of 20,000,000 diabetics who fall victim to insulin deficiency in the next 10 years will acquire this illness through sweet carbonated drinks. According to medical experts, in European countries, the proportion of such patients will be less because of the lack of a culture of mass consumption of soda water.

Almost 184,000 people die every year from soda water. Of this number, most people died of diabetes and its consequences. Approximately 45,000 people died of heart disease and 6,500 other cancer cases.

Soda water can provoke diabetes even in healthy people
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