Social settings of people with a disturbed zor

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Any manifestations of human personality are based on his past experience, the attitude of others around him and his attitude to himself. In psychology this phenomenon is called the social setting of personality.

Social setting of personality is the state of psychological readiness of man to behave in a certain way, it is based on past experience and regulates its social behavior. In Western psychological science, this concept is defined by the term "attitudy".

The social setup contains three elements:

  • Cognitive, which defines the mental activity of man;
  • Affective, which determines the emotional assessment of the object, the attitude of sympathy or antipathy towards the object of the surrounding world;
  • Conate, or behavioral, which involves a sequence of actions in relation to the object.

Functions of social installation

In psychology there are several basic functions of social installation, depending on the trends in science, they can be called differently, but they have the same meaning.

Social settings of people with a disturbed zor
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