White teeth: how to achieve this

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How to get white teeth, wants to know everyone. However, modern dentistry has not yet offered an ideal method of whitening teeth. However, everyone can improve the color of their teeth at home, adhering to simple rules of hygiene.

Smile most often forms all the perceptions of a person: it is capable of either locating others to an interlocutor, or pushing away. That is why white teeth are the subject of envy not only for women, but for men.

Reasons to change the color of the teeth

Unfortunately, white teeth are not available to everyone. No matter how beautiful and healthy they were at first, eventually the teeth lose their natural color. There is an explanation for this:

  • Water quality. In the water we consume, it contains a lot of fluoride. By itself, it is useful for enamel, but in large quantities fluorine causes fluorosis (a toothache that affects the enamel - it acquires rippled spots).
  • Formation of plaque and stone. After food, the remains of food on the teeth form a plaque - it hardens and subsequently turns into a dental stone.

Preventive measures that help keep white teeth

The oral cavity is an optimal environment for the reproduction of microbes, which negatively affects the health of teeth and their lingerie. Therefore, the best way to keep a white tooth white is to prevent it. You can take the following measures:

  1. Correct teeth cleaning: from top to bottom along the cracks, removing food residue between teeth. The entire procedure should take at least 2-3 minutes and be carried out twice a day.
  2. Correct toothbrush:
  • With synthetic bristles (to prevent the rapid replication of bacteria, it is necessary to change every 2-3 months);
  • Electric (allows you to get to hard-to-reach places and conduct a good cleaning of teeth).
  1. Application of a toothpaste. It is best to avoid pasty gel consistency, and choose the paste with small abrasives that effectively clean the plaque.
  2. Visiting the dentist. It is recommended to visit the dentist 2 times a year.
  3. Rinse your teeth. All rinsing agents serve as an additional protection for teeth, but do not replace the main means of care for them.
  4. Thread-flas - removes plaque, which is a prophylaxis of gum disease - a periodontal disease.

Professional teeth whitening

Dental bleaching in the dentist involves removing plaque that hides the natural color of the teeth, and polishing their surface. However, this does not mean that your teeth will become dazzlingly white. This procedure should be carried out once a year.

Professional whitening is carried out in different ways:

  • Air Flow method - air blasting with sand or soda;
  • Ultrasonic scaler - teeth cleaning using a water trowel;
  • Laser - causes painful sensations, possible burns of gums;
  • Photo-bleaching - whitening under the influence of a special lamp, due to which the activation of enamel photopolymers occurs;
  • Chemical solutions - remove water from the tooth enamel, give a visible effect, but harmful to enamel.

Ideally, white teeth are not given by nature to everyone, but everyone can take steps to preserve or restore beauty and natural linen. The most reliable and safe way for this is proper care of the teeth and oral hygiene.

White teeth: how to achieve this
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