Snack during stress causes excess weight

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From time to time, it's good to pamper yourself with chocolate or delicatessen as a reward or to celebrate. However, in such a tradition, a rebuke lies: thus, a very dangerous mechanism for solving psychological problems is formed.

And soon you will feel the first impulse to open the refrigerator when you are upset or as soon as you feel anger, loneliness, stress, fatigue or boredom. But emotional hunger can not be quenched with food. A person often feels even worse than before eating, and besides, she gathers a lot of unnecessary calories, which then can only be lost with the help of enormous strength of will. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that, in addition to combating their emotions, it becomes harder and harder to control weight. Emotional hunger, moreover, requires you to eat more fatty foods or sweet snacks. As a result, a person feels more powerless before eating and before feeling.

In order to avoid eating disorders and not to develop a habit of stressing, you need to clearly identify what kind of hunger you experience. For example, emotional hunger occurs suddenly, and physical - gradually increases. Emotional hunger requires you to eat specific foods for sincere comfort, and when you are physically hungry, any food looks attractive for you.

Emotional hunger often leads to regret, feelings of guilt or shame, and when you eat to satisfy a physical hunger, you can not feel anything but pleasure.

Snack during stress causes excess weight
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