Smokers note: how to quickly clean the lungs

❁ For Smokers And Ex Smokers:This Drink Cleanse Your Lungs | How To Clean Lungs After Smoking (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Those who have smoked for a long time, have some serious problems with the lungs. But the inhabitants of large industrial cities, with all their desire to lead a healthy lifestyle, become hostages of the environment and often suffer from serious lung diseases. Therefore, advice on how to quickly clear the lungs will affect everyone - they will not interfere with anyone.

Our lungs need to be periodically cleaned of toxins that have the property to accumulate. In order to help them, it is necessary to perform simple and costly procedures to continue to breathe calmly, full breasts.

To begin, two days before the start of the treatment course, you should abandon all dairy products - in all their usefulness, they have toxins, which also settle in the body. On the eve of the first day of the course, in the evening, you should drink a teapot of herbal tea - it is very useful for the intestines. And in the morning, before breakfast, you have to make yourself lemon water - squeeze the juice of two lemons and dilute it with 300 ml of water.

Between breakfast and lunch you should drink 300 ml of carrot juice - carrots treat blood, which in itself greatly stimulates the process of detoxification of the body.

For lunch, you should have a choice of: either fruit compote or yogurt with whole dried apricots, with prunes. These products contain potassium, which instantly brings to your body a tone. During the day you should drink a glass of pineapple or grapefruit juice. Please note: juice must be freshly fresh. In case you do not like the taste of this fresco or its consistency, mix it with mineral water.

Before bedtime, drink 400 ml of cranberry or blueberry juice from frozen berries. Alternatively, grenade juice can come in. These juices are well-suited to bacteria, which usually provoke the appearance of infections in the lungs.

During the three-day course, you should take warm baths every day - lie down, pepper in the water for 20 minutes, and the toxins during this time will be brought out through the steamed pores of the skin. If there is a possibility and there are no contraindications - go to the sauna, where sweating will be more active and the process of cleansing will be more effective. During these three days of cleansing course you should eat a lot of figs and almonds.

And the final stage - run a series of inhalations with the use of eucalyptus oil. To do this, heat a pan of water, add 5-10 drops of essential oil. Then tilt your head over the pan and cover with a towel. Breathe in pairs before cooling water.

Smokers note: how to quickly clean the lungs

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