Sleep quality influences on the head pain

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A healthy lifestyle is a key component of a good state of health. Not only proper nutrition, exercise, but a complete sleep can help cope with many illnesses, including migraine.

Migraine is a serious illness that manifests itself in frequent attacks of headache that is localized in one half of the head. This is an extremely common disease that occurs in every tenth inhabitant of the planet (mostly in women).

However, now many doctors are convinced that coping with headaches can be enough to adhere to the hygiene of sleep. This was confirmed by experts from the University of North Carolina, where an alternative treatment for migraines was conducted. The study was attended by 43 women, many years have been observed by doctors due to regular headaches. If 23 of them complied with all rules of sleep hygiene, then the remaining 20 women were a control group.

Sleep hygiene

Sleep hygiene means a daily eight-hour sleep, refusal to read, watch TV or listen to music in bed, and limit fluid intake for two hours before bedtime. In addition, patients were forbidden to take food in less than four hours before bedtime. Scientists also recommended acupuncture. Throughout the day, women were required to massage the pain point, which is responsible for headaches. All women kept diaries of headaches, in which they described their feelings.

The better the sleep, the less pain

The first positive results were obtained very quickly. Six weeks later, at the time of the first control visit, 35% of the sleep-keeping patients noted that the pain began to be sporadic, not chronic. In another six weeks already, 58% of patients noted the positive dynamics of treatment. In women with the right sleep mode, the frequency of headaches decreased by 29%, and intensity - by 40% compared with migraine in patients from the control group.

Migraine is considered a chronic chronic disease for over a hundred years. However, before the study, none of the doctors recommended the treatment of headache by observing sleep hygiene. Patients with migraine often complain that they can not sleep normally, but as it turned out, this may not be a consequence, but the cause of the headaches itself.

Sleep quality influences on the head pain
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