Sleep disorders: causes and symptoms

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A bad dream can be caused by many reasons. Among them there are quite dangerous sleep disorders.

Take a look: the guy's bobbing on the bus, yawning colleagues at the meeting, queues at the coffee machines. Most people are chronically short of sleep. Perhaps you are among them, even if you do not pay attention to it.

Constant drowsiness can lead to serious consequences, for example, if you fall asleep at the wheel. In addition, there is a direct relationship between lack of sleep and development of diabetes, heart disease, obesity and increased blood pressure.

Sleep disorder: causes

There are many reasons for lack of sleep: night work, flexible work schedule, frequent flights that beat down the natural daily rhythm, as well as sleep constraints in their quest for "not to fall short of life."

However, in many people, sleep deprivation is associated with more serious causes, such as sleep apnea (stopping breathing), restless leg syndrome, or narcolepsy.

With frequent night-time changes, sleep disorder, caused by a shift work sleep disorder (sleep disorder), which manifests itself at night sleepiness during work and insomnia in the afternoon, may develop.

What is bad in sleepiness

Most people need 7 or 8 hours of sleep per day for a good rest. Scientists have shown that lack of sleep is directly related to many diseases, such as arterial hypertension, diabetes, stroke, obesity and dementia.

However, if a person sleeps enough hours, but still does not fall, perhaps there is a violation of sleep quality.

Sleep disorder may be due to sleep disturbances, frequent awakening during sleep, or sleepiness. In this case, a person needs a detailed examination.

10 symptoms of sleep disorders

  • You need more than 30 minutes to fall asleep
  • You often wake up during sleep and can not sleep later
  • You sleep during the day or even fall asleep at the most inappropriate time
  • You loudly snore, sopetate or you stop breathing in your sleep
  • When you fall asleep, you often experience tingling, ants in your arms or legs
  • Hands or feet often spin unwittingly during sleep
  • At awakening you are tormented with headaches
  • Unusual behavior in a dream, for example, sleepiness
  • When you wake up, you can not move for a while
  • You experience episodes of sudden muscle weakness during an attack, anxiety, or laughter.
Sleep disorders: causes and symptoms
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