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There are several widespread sleep disorders. It is important not to miss their symptoms.

There are rare sleep disorders that are known only to the somnolog - to doctors who deal with sleep and his disorders. However, some disorders are quite common, so let's look at them in more detail.

Popular sleep disorders


Insomnia can be a symptom of sleep disturbance, and then you need further examination, and may be a separate disease. Insomnia is defined as a violation of the ability to fall asleep or frequent nightly awakening. And in that and in another case, the person the next day feels broken and did not sleep.

Apnea in a dream

This sleep disorder is manifested by loud snoring, snoring with periodically arising breathing stops and unexpected awakening. Such stops lead to oxygen starvation, which causes the person to feel drowsy all day after day.

Apnea in a dream increases the risk of high blood pressure, stroke and heart attack.

Syndrome of restless legs

This syndrome is characterized by excessive motor activity of the feet in rest and during sleep. In this case, a person may feel nasty feelings in the lower extremities, tingling, burning, crawling ants, pain.

The syndrome of periodic limb movements similar to it is characterized by recurring episodes of swirling legs or arms during sleep, which leads to frequent awakening.


Parasomniy (strange behavior in a dream) includes sleepwalking, snowballing, nightmares, which make a person scream in a dream.

In case of violations of behavior during the fast phase of sleep, a person can throw and wiggle hands completely unconsciously, usually in response to bright fantastic dreams. Often this kind of parasomniy accompanies Parkinson's disease.


The main manifestation of narcolepsy is increased drowsiness or sudden sleep deprivation during the day. In some people, in response to an emotional reaction, a sudden muscular weakness may occur, leading to a fall. In others, on the contrary, sleepy paralysis occurs when a person can not move during sleep or waking.

Do not pay attention to sleep disorders. If you find any symptoms, ask your doctor. You may be shown treatment.

Sleep disorder - drive ask your doctor

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