Skin cancer: symptoms

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The earlier signs of melanoma will be detected, the sooner you can start treatment and avoid complications.

Quite often, birthmarks are simply natural decoration. However, there may be a serious risk of degeneration of the native spot in the malignant tumor. In order to prevent the development of a life threatening disease in a timely manner, it is necessary to regularly inspect suspicious birthmarks spots. Below are some of them.

Ordinary birthmark

They are characterized by symmetrical shape, uniform color, level contours. Typically, the size does not exceed 6-7 mm.

Important: inspect moles every month, paying attention to changes in form, color, and degree of elevation above the skin surface. The presence of bruises, crusts, as well as itching and other unusual sensations can be a sign of malignant degeneration.


Looks like an asymmetric birthplace of a spot with uneven festooned edges. As a rule, its size exceeds 0.5 cm, while inside there are small black, brown, red or blue colors. In this case, the birthmark can be reappeared or already existing.

Important: melanoma - the most dangerous skin education, as it tends to spread to other organs (metastasis). With timely detection, it is possible to conduct successful treatment.

Senile keratosis

It has the appearance of a small crack or scar, covered with scales and peels. May be red, pink, bodily, as well as pigmented flowers. The texture of education is rough, often itch and unpleasant sensations in its area.

Important: Potentially dangerous formations occurring on the face, lips, ears, skin of the head, neck, forearms and the back side of the palms. These cells are subject to mandatory removal.

Basal cell carcinoma

It may look like a reddish, pearly pink bleeding hearth or look like a long nonsmoking, constantly emerging wound.

Important: unlike melanoma, basal cell carcinoma never appears on the spot of already existing birthmarks. On the contrary, it is formed at the site of damage under the influence of excessive ultraviolet irradiation. When timely detection is well treated and does not represent a threat to life.

Squamous cell carcinoma

A thick, coarse fire, covered with scales, with uneven contours, often looks like bleeding and scalding the wound.

Important: education is not associated with already existing birthmarks and often appears on the face, lower lip, scalp, back, hands. As in previous cases, early diagnosis is the key to successful treatment.

Skin cancer: symptoms
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