Six little-known facts about the benefits of kisses are named

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With the help of kisses, their romantic feelings and emotions are expressed by representatives of 90% of all cultures on our planet. But if you think you know almost everything about kisses, then read these amazing facts.

Strengthening immunity

A total of 10 seconds of a French kiss is enough to transfer 80,000,000 microorganisms from one mouth to another, as researchers from the Netherlands have found. Although this does not sound too nice, in fact, such an exchange of fluids has a positive side, since kisses can strengthen the immune system. And not only adults! In 2010, scientists found that kissing between spouses helps protect children in the womb from cytomegalovirus, which can cause birth defects, including blindness.

The proximity of ovulation

Ironically, women begin to appreciate the romantic side of kisses more when they are on the eve of ovulation, that is, they are most ready to get pregnant. In terms of evolution, it makes sense, as scientists believe. Kisses allow you to measure the level of a partner with his taste or smell.

Increase libido

Kisses are useful in seducing women, as scientists have found out. While both sexes are enjoying French kisses with their regular partners, boys still love to kiss girls during short intrigues. To this conclusion came the researchers who published their results in the journal Evolutionary Psychology in 2007. One of the theories shows that women with kisses pass male hormone testosterone, which increases the sexual desire.

Hormones of happiness

With kisses the brain releases into the blood of specific chemicals that increase the mood and strengthen emotional connections with your partner. At the same time there is an allocation of endorphins and a decrease in the level of the hormone of stress cortisol.

Happy family

Men and women who often exchanged kisses with each other reported a high level of sexual and psychological satisfaction from relationships, according to Kinsey Institute researchers in 2011. The guys who most often kissed their girls were three times happier than those who were restricted to hugs.

Six little-known facts about the benefits of kisses are named
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