Easy ways to stop nervous

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Sometimes it happens that anxiety comes suddenly, literally in an empty place.

We are talking about a state of affairs, not about a situation where she is being pursued for quite objective reasons.

These simple steps will help you get rid of it. Or, at least, to understand that it has a real basis.

Method 1

Have a bite

Sometimes our brain is mistaken and gives us the wrong signals. This is especially often the case when we are hungry. You can and do not feel hunger, doing something with enthusiasm, that's the body and "twists", knocking you completely different feelings, for example, sudden anger or anxiety. Eat something, not necessarily full of lunch: it may be chocolate or a handful of nuts. Besides that your body will receive its share of nutrients, the process of chewing on you will be calming.

Method 2

Warm up

The same mechanism and with a feeling of cold. You are so used to that your arms or legs are freezing, and you do not notice it, but the body is sending signals: something is wrong! Take a hot shower, put an extra pair of socks or just drink hot tea. It is likely that anxiety will leave you.

Method 3

Place your fingers

Move your fingers, walk a couple of steps, even better - make a couple of squats. The movement will not only bite your bones but also help remove muscle clamps. It is not necessary to immediately run a marathon, just a little bit of movement - and you will feel relief.

Method 4

Look at the beautiful things

Contemplation of the beautiful calms the nerves and harmonizes the inner world. Feel anxiety? Look beautiful pictures or videos, the same effect will make listening to a pleasant or beloved melody. If you love nature and have time, go on foot, watching the world around you.

Method 5

Exit the room

You may not even realize that the surrounding environment acts depressingly on you. For example, in interior design, colors that you subconsciously perceive as aggressive are used. Or a low ceiling is pressing on you. Or the smells are unpleasant in the room. Sometimes it is quite simple to change the situation so that the alarm goes away.

Method 6

Treat it

Quick and simple meditation will lower the level of cortisol, a stress hormones. This can be as a breathing gymnastics, and an exercise on visualization.

Method 7

Stay away from the tests

A huge number of tests placed on the Internet, composed not by psychologists, but by amateurs. If you are in a normal mood, then this kind of anxiety test will not harm you. But if you are so oppressed, then the test can further aggravate your anxiety.

If these express methods do not relieve anxiety, then it has real reasons for you to deal with.

Easy ways to stop nervous

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