Silicone tooth prostheses

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The dental market offers a wide range of dentures, different in appearance, quality, price. The most popular today are silicone dentures.

Silicone is a translucent, elastic material, the structure of which allows you to simulate the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. Silicone dentures are a removable type of prosthetics and consist of silicone, nylon or other similar polymers.

Silicone dentures have an unusual design, which consists predominantly of plastics. Immediately from the silicone or nylon is the base of the prosthesis and sometimes its fastening. Silicone prostheses are very functional and have a natural look.

Silicone Dentures: Benefits

  1. Silicone dentures have a high degree of elasticity, so they repeat the outline of the palate and are selected to any form of gums. They also have excellent fixation in the oral cavity. The process of getting used to such dentures is easier and faster. After getting used to silicone prosthesis can be worn practically around the clock.
  2. Silicone dental prostheses are highly resistant to chewing loads and chemicals contained in food, as well as strength and resistance to various food dyes.
  3. The material from which prostheses are made is completely non-toxic and non-glycoprotein (bacteria do not accumulate on the surface of the prosthesis). Also, silicone prostheses in the overwhelming majority do not cause allergic reactions.
  4. Another advantage of silicone dentures is their appearance: due to a stable dye, prostheses practically do not change the color and visually do not differ from adjacent teeth.

Silicone Dentures: Lacks

Almost all silicone prostheses do not withstand particularly high chewing loads. Dentists do not recommend installing such dentures for the lower jaw.

Silicone dentures are quite capricious in the care - they need to be periodically removed and cleaned with special tools designed for this. Otherwise, the prosthesis may change color over time.

Another disadvantage of silicone dentures is the price, which is due to the high cost of materials used in their manufacture.

Silicone tooth prostheses
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