Signs of the thyroid disease

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One of the major glands of the inner secretion is the thyroid gland. Timely diagnosis allows you to recognize the first signs of thyroid disease and prevent a significant deterioration in human health.

As they say, a small spool and dear. Despite its small size, the thyroid gland's influence on human health is enormous. The hormones produced by it are involved in the regulation of the work of virtually all internal organs. Therefore, the smallest failures in its activities can lead to a significant deterioration of well-being.

What is the thyroid gland

In its form, the thyroid gland is similar to a butterfly (or the letter "H") and is located in the front of the trachea. Symptoms of thyroid problems can be detected when you turn your head and swallow food. But in case of thyroid disease priznakimohut clearly apparent in normal conditions of increasing of the thyroid gland or tumor development.

Thyroid disease

Among the diseases of the thyroid gland are the following:

  • Hypothermia In fact, is not a disease as such, but rather indicates a condition in which insufficient amount is produced thyroid hormones. Symptoms of hypothyroidism can be obesity, reduced body temperature, yellow skin, drowsiness, lethargy, swelling, nausea, muscle pain, increased fragility and loss of hair, nail separation, dysfunction of the ovaries (in women).
  • Hyperthyroidism. Condition, the opposite of hypothyroidism, when the thyroid gland produces an increased amount of hormones. Hyperthyroidism also has its own characteristics: the thyroid gland, as a rule, increases, sweating, appetite, constipation and diarrhea, vomiting are possible, in women menstrual cysts, and men decrease potency.
  • Basid's disease. As you can see from the title, there is already a thyroid gland disease. Symptoms: "goiter", eyes closed. Also possible problems with the cardiovascular system, a sharp decline in weight, increased sweating, diarrhea, caries.
  • Autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimoto broom). Is an hereditary disease in which the immune system of the body perceives the cells of the thyroid gland as alien. It is most common in women than in men.
  • Myxedema It is an extremely severe form of hypothyroidism. The disease develops due to a shortage of thyroid hormones. Symptoms: swelling of tissues, hair loss.
  • Cretinism. The disease manifested in the delayed mental and physical development. It is a result of insufficient amount of thyroid-produced hormones.
  • Adenoma of the thyroid gland. It manifests itself as a node in the thyroid gland, which is a benign tumor.
  • Thyroid cancer

When you first suspect that there is a problem with the thyroid gland, you should immediately contact your endocrinologist.

Signs of the thyroid disease
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