Signs of a man's tale

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Runaway is a viral disease that occurs in the event of a human bite with a sick animal: a dog, a rat, a cat, a fox, and others. Signs of rage in humans appear quite intense, as the nervous system is heavily affected. In any case, the disease leads to death.

Anyone can quite get a rabies from a pet, infected with a bite of a homeless or wild beast. From the time of infection to the time of manifestation of the first signs of the disease, it takes quite some time - from 10 to 60 days. In some cases, the incubation period may take several months, signs of rabies in humans, however, do not manifest themselves.

The first signs of a rabies

When the symptoms of the disease begin to manifest, it is almost impossible to save the patient. For this reason, it is necessary to take measures immediately after infection.

In humans, signs of rabies are divided depending on the stage of the disease. There are three such stages, but the longest of them is the very first. The signs of rage include the following:

  1. The very first symptoms are usually associated with the bite location. The resulting bite constantly swells, has a red color, sometimes itching, sore or itchy.
  2. Sleep disturbances and unreasonable fear attacks.
  3. There are frequent headaches, and earlier they could not bother at all.
  4. Constant attacks of strangulation or just a feeling of lack of oxygen.
  5. Disappointment and weakness, unwillingness to do anything, apathy.
  6. Difficulty swallowing can also be a sign of manic manifestation.
  7. Slight increase in body temperature, maximum up to 38 degrees, indicating the presence of vlapoproteznogo inflammatory process.

The second and third phases of the rabies

When the next phase of the disease begins to develop, additional symptoms are added. The third stage of rabies rarely survives, as the second phase is accompanied by numerous disorders in the functioning of vital organs. The second phase includes the following signs of rage in humans:

Signs of a man's tale
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