Signs of diabetes in men

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Diabetes mellitus is one of the most common diseases in the world. And the sooner he will be diagnosed, the more likely a person will be cured. Unfortunately, men often do not consider it necessary to turn to doctors if they are worried about something. Therefore, it is very important to know the signs of diabetes in men to know when to react immediately.

Diabetes mellitus is a disease characterized by the presence of high levels of blood sugar due to a violation of the pancreas when the production of the insulin hormone ceases. This leads to the fact that human muscles and liver cease to process sugar in glycogen, and the tissues of the internal organs can not use sugar as energy. Signs of the development of diabetes both in men and women are almost identical, with the exception of several important points.

Causes of diabetes mellitus in men

Before we talk about the symptoms of diabetes mellitus, let's analyze the factors that provoke the development of this disease.

  1. Genetic predisposition. If both parents had high levels of blood sugar, then the probability of having the same problems in the child is 50%.
  2. Viral infections. Some of them cause serious complications on the body and can stimulate the development of diabetes mellitus.
  3. Adiposity. Excessive weight reduces the body's sensitivity to insulin.

How to determine diabetes mellitus in men

Signs of diabetes mellitus can be determined primarily by frequent urination. This fact does not always mean diabetes, but may indicate other, no less serious illnesses, so it is imperative to undergo a medical examination.

The second worrying sign of diabetes in men is the lack of potency. This is due to a decrease in the intensity of the body's production of the testosterone hormone, as well as the lack of blood flow to the reproductive organs. It is possible to restore potency with the help of insulin injections, and sugar suppressants do not provide such an effect. Also, do not forget that special pills for increasing male strength (Viagra, Sialex, etc.) are strictly contraindicated for men who are suffering from diabetes mellitus.

Serious fears of you should also cause the presence of such symptoms of diabetes in men:

  • Strong thirst;
  • A sharp increase or decrease in body weight;
  • Fatigue;
  • Itching of the skin;
  • Increased sweating;
  • Hair loss

Is it possible to effectively treat diabetes

Unfortunately, modern medicine is not yet able to cure diabetes mellitus. Since the discovery of this disease, a person will be forced to completely change his way of life and nutrition. You will also need to go to a doctor on a regular basis, which will prescribe the necessary medications to support the body.

Ignoring signs of diabetes in men is by no means possible. The faster you go to a doctor, the more likely you are to keep your health.

Signs of diabetes in men
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