Signs of internal bleeding

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Bleeding is a violation of the integrity of the blood vessels. The main symptom of bleeding is the loss of blood.

In the medical literature, a lot of attention is paid to the provision of first aid with open bleeding. Meanwhile, a more serious and life-threatening appearance is internal bleeding, illuminated not so thoroughly.

Among the internal bleeding can be explicit (blood urethra, bloody stool, vomiting, blood cough, uterine discharge, bleeding from the nose and ears) and hidden bleeding (intrathecal, invisible from the outside).

Internal bleeding can occur with a severe blow to the abdomen or chest of the victim, as well as with a penetrating injury to the skull, abdominal or chest cavity. Involuntary bleeding arises in diseases of the gastrointestinal and urinary tract.

The main signs of internal bleeding

Often, untimely detection of internal bleeding can lead to dangerous and even tragic consequences. In addition, such a bleeding is not noticeable at once, so it is extremely important to know the main signs that signal the immediate appeal for medical assistance:

  • Increase in pulse rate and decrease in blood pressure - already on these grounds you can assess the severity of the situation and diagnose the internal bleeding at an early stage;
  • Fatigue, drowsiness, weakness;
  • Cold sweat, vomiting, stool with blood;
  • Abdominal pain, swelling, possibly in combination with abdominal cramps.

Shock with internal bleeding

Also, internal bleeding can cause the victim's state of shock - the amount of blood inside the body is greatly increased, the victim may feel thirst and strong anxiety. If the internal bleeding lasts for several days, this may cause a change in the color of the skin (it can become black, purple, blue, green). For the victim characteristic loss of consciousness with a sharp rise from the seated position.

At any of the signs of the appearance of a person's internal bleeding, it is necessary to urgently call an ambulance for the immediate hospitalization of the patient. Not yet arrived fast, it is desirable to weaken her clothes and not to let her eat and drink.

The transport of a victim is recommended in a lying position.

In a hospital, the causes of internal bleeding, its source and intensity are revealed. Next is the course of treatment.

It should be remembered that internal bleeding in the head and abdomen is very serious and may prove to be extremely dangerous. To minimize the potential threat at an early stage, one must be able to identify its features.

Signs of internal bleeding
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