Signs of gastritis stomach

Signs And Symptoms Of Gastritis, Common Gastritis Symptoms (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Gastritis - a fairly common disease of the gastrointestinal tract, characterized by inflammation of the mucous membrane. Often signs of gastritis of the stomach appear as a result of malnutrition and functional changes in the body.

Delicious eating like everyone, with the most often preferred to greasy, spicy and fried foods. After a meal, the stomach usually starts the thread, and even the smallest portion of such a meal may well cause nausea. So signs of gastritis of the stomach appear.

Signs of gastritis

Gastritis of the stomach, depending on the course, is divided into two types: acute and chronic. Acute gastritis develops very quickly and is a consequence of bacterial infection or ingestion of substances that have a harmful effect: alkalis, acids, alcohol. Chronic gastritis is a long-lasting disease, resulting in morphological changes in the mucous membrane of the stomach and there are unpleasant signs of gastritis of the stomach:

  1. Fuzzy pain in the abdomen appears after taking alcohol, as well as greasy, re-roasted and spicy foods.
  2. Uncomfortable feeling of pressure or severity in the upper abdomen, which is permanent or prolonged.
  3. Reduced appetite, nausea and chest violation.
  4. Heartburn and a metallic smack are constantly occurring - also signs of gastritis of the stomach.
  5. Frequent respiration with air or eating foods, after which stomach pain subsides.
  6. Periodic manifestation and restlessness of all symptoms.

Causes of the disease

In an organism, any inflammatory reaction develops in response to the influence of factors. In gastritis, it can be not only infection and chemicals, but also low or high temperatures. Acceptance of some medications: antibiotics, aspirin and other anti-inflammatory medicines - can also cause signs of gastritis of the stomach.

The causes of the disease include:

Signs of gastritis stomach

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