Signs of fungus on nails

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Fungus on the nails is an infectious disease. To determine the disease help signs of the fungus on the nails, such as changing the color of the nails, thickening, nail fracture, exfoliation.

Fungal lesion of the nails is an infectious disease, it occurs due to the damage by the microscopic fungi that feed on keratin in the nails. In itself, the disease is very common. Of all cases of signs of nail diseases, almost 50% falls on the fungus. Infection with fungus is most often available in places of public use, especially where there is a wooden cover, where the accumulated and stagnant water, where many people walk barefoot. In addition, you can get infected in the cabin of manicure and pedicure. Symptoms that indicate fungal lesions of the nail The fungus on the nails has the following symptoms:

  • The natural color of the nail changes;
  • The nail becomes thicker;
  • There is a fragility of nails;
  • The nail begins to crumble.

Consider these signs of fungus on the nails in more detail. The natural color of the nail is pink. With a defeat, the color of the nail plate can be changed to white, yellow, gray, brown, green and even black. As a rule, thickening of the nail begins in the nail bed. Horn masses are gradually increasing and can interfere with the treatment of the fungus. As a rule, the destruction of the nail occurs simultaneously with its thickening. If the treatment was not carried out, the fungus gradually spreads throughout the thickness of the nail, causing its detachment. There are other signs of fungus on the nails. This is due to the fact that the disease may be manifested differently. For example, deformation of the nail plate may occur. Therefore, you do not need to recognize the disease yourself and engage in self-medication. The correct diagnosis can be put only by the doctor, and then only after the results of laboratory tests. Appointing a treatment, the doctor will also strengthen your immunity in parallel, because the risk of developing a fungus in people with weakened protective functions of the body is much higher.

Causes of fungus on the nails

  1. Neglecting the rules of personal hygiene.
  2. Tight shoes that do not let air.
  3. High humidity.
  4. Damage to the nail.

Treatment of fungal disease

As a rule, doctors use a combined method of nail fungus treatment. It can also be local (applying the drug directly to the affected nail) or systemic (when the antifungal medication is prescribed internally). So, in order for your nails to be healthy and beautiful, it is necessary to monitor personal hygiene, with caution relates to public pools, baths, saunas, beaches - all those places that have a favorable environment for the development of the fungus. And if you notice the signs of a fungus on your fingernails, do not postpone it later, contact a specialist, since the outdated disease is much more difficult to treat.

Signs of fungus on nails
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