Signs of the disease of the pancreas

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In the depths of the upper abdominal cavity of the person is the pancreas - an elongated narrow organ that performs the development of enzymes during digestion and produces hormones that enter the bloodstream and are involved in the regulation of carbohydrate metabolism. Signs of pancreatic disease may appear differently.

In general, human health can be detrimental to diseases of the pancreas that violate its functions. Signs of pancreatic cancer are primarily manifested in such processes as metabolic and digestive disorders. The most common diseases are tumorous and inflammatory.

Signs of pancreatic disease

Most of the diseases associated with the work of this body appear as a result of the abuse of alcohol and fatty foods. As a result, changes occur in the structure of the organ, with pancreatic tissue being replaced with connective tissue. If in a timely manner to recognize the symptoms of pancreatic disease and undergo treatment, the inflammatory process does not grow into a tumor.

  1. Severe or moderate pain in the upper middle or left portions of the peritoneum, which is transmitted to the waist.
  2. General weakness and lethargy.
  3. Nausea sometimes turns into vomiting.
  4. An unpleasant smack in the mouth.
  5. In some cases, signs of a pancreatic disease include light yawning of the sclera of the eye or skin.
  6. High body temperature.
  7. Pain sensations that disappear in a bent or seated position and amplify in a lying position.

Causes of the disease

The main causes of pancreatic disease are frequent alcohol intake, the use of fried, sweet, greasy, bitter and spicy foods. The pancreas is irritated by carbonated beverages, beer, palm oil contained in most foods.

Signs of pancreatic disease may be manifested by taking some medications or taking them not according to the prescribed pattern. The causes of the disease may also be:

Signs of the disease of the pancreas
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